What to pay attention for before printing

Perhaps some of the steps may seem obvious to you, but believe us, if you forget to check these details, the result will not make you happy.

– Make sure that the specifications of colors for printing are true. This usually means using CMYK format.
– Leave the fields for each flyer to avoid irregularities and circumcision of any necessary information.
-Make sure that the print resolution is crisp and the picture will not be divided into pixels. Use at least 300dpi resolution.
-Use the file format that can be read (and remember the difference for various devices).
-Double-check all the important information on the flyer, including the date, time and place of the event, phone numbers etc. To redo the work is very costly both in terms of money and time.

Pay attention to the paper you have selected. If it is too thin and of poor quality, no matter how gorgeous the design is, it will look poor.

If you are in doubt about something and are not sure of the action, better ask for help a more experienced colleague or a professional. It is better to spend a little more time on work, but do it once, than repeatedly make the same mistakes in the future.