The Future of

Hey there! Thanks for checking out our new blog post on Bestofflyers! You might have recognized different improvements and changes on our website. Maryna was the founder and designer of Bestofflyers in the past. She did a great job creating lovely flyer templates.

During the time she was struggling keep on the great design work and manage the website at once. Bestofflyers was transferred to Tobo, the founder of, and

The new plan and roadmap for 2018

We totally deactivated the membership and on-site store. So if you are having trouble to login to your account, it will be most likely that your account was deleted during the site transfer. Mainly to protect your contact information and to make sure there won’t be any confusion during the relaunch of After reorganize and recreate every single flyer page and downloadable file we are nearly done releasing all flyer templates for free!

All flyer templates will be 100% free to download

Yes, it is right! You will be able to download every of our lovely flyer templates instantly for free. No hidden fees or forced social media following. Every flyer template will be hosted on our website for free instant download. Next to personal use you are free to use all of our templates for commercial use. As long you don’t resell the templates as they are on third party websites or marketplaces you are free to do what ever you want with our templates!

Enjoy our new Bestofflyers experience and happy downloading our freebies!
Best Regards,